The Comfort Innovations

Foot comfort is directly related to the relief of body fatigue, which in turn impacts productivity. Occupational fatigue is a priority issue in the mining industry, in particular, fatigue owing to walking long distances in gumboots is seen as a common problem. Safety in Mines Research Advisory Council (SIMRAC) commissioned the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) to conduct an anthropometric survey.

Foot Shape

Data from this research resulted in the design of the foot shape to accommodate the wider foot and thereby optimise foot comfort.

Foot shape was still compliant within SABS parameters.

Ankle Cup

Ankle cup recesses in the walls of the gumboot allow the boot to hug around the ankles providing more support and eliminating ankle friction while working.

Ankle Support

Achilles tendon area is reinforced for additional support.

Top Band

Top band is lower in the calf area than below the knee so that people will not experience impaired blood circulation while kneeling or on their haunches.

Sole Safety

Sole foot bed as a built-in foot shape, with wrap around footwalls that provide a snug fit.