The Safety Innovations

Safety is extremely important throughout the mining industry and comfortable, safe footwear can play a big part in reducing fatigue and improving overall safety.

Ankle Protection

Ankle pad is thicker and harder than the surrounding boot to stabilise, protect and support this area of the foot.

Visual Safety

The ankle pad has a patented built in luminous reflector for visual safety in low light environments.

Sole Design

Extra-deep tread lugs provide excellent grip on all terrain from rocky to steep inclines to wet and muddy conditions.

Toe Safety

Moulded wide-fit toe cap fully compliant with all international standards.

Steel Midsole

Options on this product include moulded steel mid-soles for penetration protection through the tread and are compliant with all international safety standards.

Shin Protection

Reinforced shin area offers protection from low-impact incidents.

Oil and acid resistant compounds are used in the manufacture.